Hi, I'm Storey

I wrote Trans Girl War Songs

and also a weird erasure poem, i would be so much gentler

This site is still under construction.

In the meantime, you can find me on Tumblr, Blue Sky, Instagram at starlightwritten, and Discord at storeystarlight.

Also, I'm making a zine! We are actively pursuing interersted writers, poets, artists, photographers, and other creatives interested. It's called If My Circuits Could Sing

If My Circuits Could Sing is an upcoming science fiction zine. It's a collection of stories, poetry, visual art, photography, nonfiction writing, and more exploring stories about robots, mecha, and obligation. The stories contained within this collection aim to explore the questions: Just what is it that makes us human? What about what makes us not?; Just how much must I give to my community, my government, my military, my society, my world? When will it be enough?; I was made to serve. Am I really satisfied continuing that life?; What must we do to survive? What of us survives devastation? And likely other questions, too.

Circuits is punk. It's queer, and trans - gender and humanist. It's science-fiction and it's about our oncoming factual future. It's anti-military and anti-cop (so, it's anti-military). These stories are ones of hope in darkness. They're poems about grinding gears and weapons taller than buildings. They're pictures of what we're heading toward, and what we're trying so hard to avoid. It's about heat, and bombs. Circuits is about singing songs at the end of all things, around campfires, and with love.

See our Tumblr for more information.